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Wall & Ceiling Mounted Split System Wine Cooling

Ceiling and wall mounted split systems are a common choice for wine cooling. The evaporator will be installed in the wine cellar, mounted to the wall or ceiling, and the condenser section will be installed at a distance for ease of ventilation and for noise reduction. We carry a wide variety of wall and ceiling mounted systems.

All Breezaire split systems are wall-mount only, as are all WhisperKOOL split systems that are not fully ducted. We also carry a range of commercial grade split systems including the ceiling mounted LPQ low profile split system and DQ dual-airflow split sytem; the wall mounted WC between-stud system, the SLD series coolers; and the RM rack cooler split system which can be mounted on either ceiling or wall. If you need assistance in choosing a ceiling or wall mounted split system wine cooling unit, call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance.