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Commercial CC Wine Cabinet Cooling Systems

CC Split Systems

Designed to provide refrigerated air to medium temperature spaces, the Wine Cabinet Cooler (CC) Units and Cabinet Cooler CC evaporators distribute air super-quietly as far as 10 feet to the right and left sides of the coil and then return air to the front.

These commercial wine cabinet cooling units are a superb choice for wine closets and cabinets and are specifically designed to circulate refrigerated air in very small and medium narrow spaces.

These commercial wine refrigeration systems offer higher a efficiency of cooling per cubic inch of the required installation space and provide a terrific temperature recovery time, reducing fluctuation. This ability makes Wine Cabinet Coolers a superior choice for high-traffic areas that are accessed frequently. This is especially true for cellars and cabinets requiring a particularly low set point, as with white wines.

The range of Commercial CC Split Wine Cooling Systems we offer provides a great deal of variety and flexibility in choosing the right wine refrigeration system for your space. These commercial split wine cooling systems are designed specifically for ideal wine storage conditions, and in being purpose-built, will far outperform any general-purpose climate control system.

Need to know if a commercial CC split wine cooling system will meet your needs? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in selecting the right commercial wine cabinet refrigeration unit.