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Breezaire Split Systems

Breezaire Split Systems are large-scale cooling designed for long-term storage areas. While most cooling and refrigeration systems take moisture out of the air, Breezaire Split Systems are designed to maintain the 50% or higher humidity levels your wine cellar requires. Breezaire is committed to the excellence of their products so you can feel confident trusting them with the excellence of your wine collection.

Breezaire Split Systems are designed to produce only cool, not cold air even during initial cooldown so as not to cause sudden changes. Adjustable temperature and humidity controls put you in charge. Breezaire Split Systems are extremely quiet, especially since the split design places the loudest parts of your cooling system outside your cellar.

Breezaire Split Systems are the professional way to cool your large wine storage space. Let us help you find the Breezaire Split System for you; call us at 1-800-876-8789 for assistance with all your cooling needs