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  1. Wine and Ice Cream

    Wine and Ice Cream

    This week, we're prepping you for a wine lover's Valentine's Day with some yummy ideas you can share with your sweetie! So, your Sweetie Pie wants some ice cream to accompany a romantic bottle of wine during an intimate evening in?  Unheard of?  Think again!  There are, in fact, some decent wine and ice cream pairings you can try! Is...
  2. What are Wine Diamonds?

    What are Wine Diamonds?

    Ever drink a glass of really good wine and find little crystals at the bottom?  These are “wine diamonds,” not sediment, and they have been helping to preserve your wine! Wine diamonds are, in actuality, potassium bitartrate crystals that sometimes form on a wine bottle’s cork, most often when chilled.  During the winemaking process, itself, they naturally form on the...
  3. Wine and Spice: Hot Foods & Wines to Choose

    Wine and Spice: Hot Foods & Wines to Choose

    It’s still winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the season for spicy food.  In fact, a good meal filled with spicy delights might be just the thing to warm you up!  Are you eyeing that jalapeño?  Are red, hot chili peppers calling your name?  Here are some wines that are sure to complement your spicy food's zestiness! If your...
  4. If You’re Going to Drink, Choose Red!

    If You’re Going to Drink, Choose Red!

    There have been a lot of benefits associated with drinking red wine.  Now, a study at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at Los Angeles has demonstrated that a glass of red wine a day may help reduce the risk of breast cancer.  What did the researchers find?  Chemicals just under the skins of red grapes (and in their seeds)  lowered women’s estrogen...
  5. Winos, Healers, and Wine Weirdos: Four Historical Personalities

    Winos, Healers, and Wine Weirdos: Four Historical Personalities

    Frederick the Great, who brewed his coffee with Champagne instead of water Here are four interesting people who really enjoyed their wine!  (Whoever said history had to be dry?) Frederick the Great (1712-1786), King of Prussia, brewed his own coffee with Champagne instead of water, adding a little bit of powdered mustard to make the flavor stronger.  (Note: for...
  6. Wine May Help Prevent Diabetes

    Wine May Help Prevent Diabetes

    American studies have shown that drinking wine helps to prevent type-2 diabetes, and a recent study conducted in Europe concurs.  The results, soon to be published in the Journal of International Medicine, were derived by examining numerous variables among thousands of participants.  These included detailed lifestyle and eating habits of individuals living in Italy, Spain, the UK, and other European...
  7. Dare to Mix Red and White Wine?

    Dare to Mix Red and White Wine?

    Before reading further, please understand that wines like rosés are not just mixtures of red and white wines.  They are made by a process similar to red wine, but the skins of the grapes are removed before they fully turn the wine a deep shade of red.  (Read more about the process of making rosé wine in our previous post...
  8. Introducing Viognier

    Introducing Viognier

    While the Viognier grape may be new to most wine drinkers, it’s been grown in France’s northern Rhône region for centuries.  Because its acreage in France is relatively small, so is the French production of Viognier.  Interestingly enough, decent Viognier vineyards have appeared in California since the late 1980s, and Australia is also producing the grape. It’s tough to grow...
  9. How to Swirl and Sniff Wine Like a Pro

    How to Swirl and Sniff Wine Like a Pro

    At tastings, many newcomers to the world of wine are unsure about the proper etiquette surrounding swirling and sniffing wine.  Is there a right way to do it?  Or is it a little like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup slogan: there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s? Since wine’s scent and taste are both key elements of any tasting, swirling...
  10. Where Not to Have a Wine Tasting

    Where Not to Have a Wine Tasting

    In an episode of “Frasier,” Doctors Niles and Frasier Crane begin the show with a blind wine tasting... Niles:  Now, now, let’s move on to number seven. Frasier: Ahhh... Touch of oak, hint of currant, whisper of... Frasier’s father enters with his dog, Eddie, on a leash. Frasier:  ...what is that?  What is that?  Oh yes, wet dog! While amusing...
  11. The Easiest Wine-Pairing Rule

    The Easiest Wine-Pairing Rule

    Without referring to the internet (or your latest wine-pairing app), how can you tell what wines go “best” with what foods?  Here’s the simplest wine pairing rule that almost always produces yummy results: if it grows together, it goes together!  That’s right.  Tried-and-true wine and food pairings often originate in the same region, and because of this synergy many pairings...
  12. So, You’re at a Benefit Dinner... and the Wine is Terrible!

    So, You’re at a Benefit Dinner... and the Wine is Terrible!

    Image from Service Culture International: Perhaps you’re at a dinner to benefit a worthy cause, but the wine served with your prepared-in-bulk meal is mediocre at best, or in the worst situation downright undrinkable: what do you do?  Is there a graceful way to handle the situation?  If wine is being served with your meal, chances are you’re...
  13. Dare to Drink Wine by Yourself?

    Dare to Drink Wine by Yourself?

    Image from Wine Online Club: Although there’s a stigma surrounding drinking by yourself, sometimes it can’t be helped!  What if circumstances make it so that you must dine alone?  What if your dinner companions call last-minute, sending regrets, after you’re already seated at your restaurant of choice?  Dining and drinking alone does not have to be a sad...
  14. Grüner Veltliner: Your New Favorite White Wine

    Grüner Veltliner: Your New Favorite White Wine

    Summer is coming to an end. But it doesn't go quietly: the most sweltering weeks of the year are now upon us. The dark, heavy reds of winter are the last thing on your mind. So what to drink? If you haven't yet tried Grüner Veltliner, Austria's dominant white wine varietal, it's time you did. Grüner Veltliners can vary widely from bottle to...
  15. Tips for Hosting the Perfect Wine-Tasting Party

    Tips for Hosting the Perfect Wine-Tasting Party

    Photo credit: Fast Forward Event Productions Drinking good wine with good friends is one of life's greatest pleasures. If you love to entertain, but hesitate at the work and expense of hosting a dinner party, try a wine-tasting party for your next get-together. With just a few glasses, some bottles of wine, and perhaps a snack or two, you've...
  16. How to Navigate a Wine List

    How to Navigate a Wine List

    Even the most confident of wine lovers can get bogged down by a wine list that reads like a novel. Here’s how to safely navigate a restaurant wine-list and pick a bottle that’s sure to please everyone at the table. Step 1: Choose a Color Start by choosing between white or red by considering what you'll be eating. You’re out...
  17. Winemaking 101

    Winemaking 101

    How is wine made? Whether you’re a newbie wine aficionado who wants to get the  basics down, or  a seasoned collector in need of a quick refresher course,  read our step-by-step guide to find out how your favorite beverage goes from grape to bottle. The Harvest The last stage on the vine is the first step in the winemaking process...
  18. Five Tips for Flawless Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Five Tips for Flawless Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Wine and cheese is a classic combination. Whether it takes the form of a lavish spread laid out at a cocktail party, or a simple and elegant course at a dinner party, a wine and cheese pairing is something no guest is ever disappointed to see. But making the perfect wine and cheese match can be intimidating. These five tips...

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