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  1. Five Tips for Flawless Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Five Tips for Flawless Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Wine and cheese is a classic combination. Whether it takes the form of a lavish spread laid out at a cocktail party, or a simple and elegant course at a dinner party, a wine and cheese pairing is something no guest is ever disappointed to see. But making the perfect wine and cheese match can be intimidating. These five tips...
  2. A Taste of Napa's Growing Regions

    A Taste of Napa's Growing Regions

    What makes Napa Valley such a renowned area for growing wine grapes? It all comes down to the dirt. There are more than 30 types of soil in Napa Valley. The chemistry of this soil is the most important factor of what the French call “terroir," the distinctive tastes and aromas that an area’s specific conditions impart on the wine...
  3. How to Open a Bottle of Wine the Right Way

    How to Open a Bottle of Wine the Right Way

    You could open a bottle of wine in your sleep…but are you doing it right? Learn the simple steps to properly open a bottle of wine, and look like a pro at your next dinner party. Step One: Gather your tools There are a lot of fancy wine openers (we sell some great ones!) on the market, but you should...
  4. Movies for Wine Lovers

    Movies for Wine Lovers

    In the last decade, wine has become a hot topic for filmmakers. And no wonder: there’s something magical about wine: the beautiful vineyards, the thrill of finding a great bottle, the fascinating — and often obsessive — winemakers. If you’re looking for a great movie that features your favorite beverage, check out our top picks: Sideways The seminal wine movie...
  5. A Guide to Italian Wines

    A Guide to Italian Wines

    Italians know their wine. But there are so many varietals from its sunny, breezy climes that sometimes the rest of us forget the difference between a Barbera and a Barbaresco. No fear: this handy guide will keep you straight. Italian Reds: Amarone: From the Veneto region come Corvina grapes, which are partially dried to make this big, full-bodied wine that...

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