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Modern Wine Shop Refined Rustic Wine Racking Oxford Mississippi

Vintage Cellars custom-designed this commercial wine store in Oxford, Mississippi. The design was geared toward utilizing an approachable racking style, making it convenient and intuitive for the visiting wine store customer base.

This design, complete with high reveal displays, circular displays, and an assortment of wine merchandise sticks to the rustic yet refined feel of the wine store and Oxford, Mississippi itself.

Cellar Features

Careful planning and preparation gave this special wine shop the perfect blend of refined rustic racking and modern design.

  • High reveal displays
  • Circular displays
  • Rustic modern wine store racking
  • Approachable racking style

Upon the remodel, the overall design of this modern wine shop received a rustic, but refined feel that fit flawlessly with Oxford's small-town charm and has a sense of connection to the past.

Overall, Vintage Cellars was extremely happy with how this rustic wine racking turned out, and this modern wine shop loves it!

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